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I am proud to have launched my first podcast in 2020. " Airing It Out, Files From Leahy's Locker Room." Podcasting is a topic I have always been fascinated by. Being a close cousin of broadcasting, it is something I am very enthusiastic about. And being able to sharpen my interviewing skills is a nice side benefit! I am teaching myself all about the medium- with some help from additional resources to be sure but it's been a fun ride and I look forward to continuing the exploration on a week to week basis. I record my interviews on Tuesdays, do the editing and post production work afterwards, then publish the episodes on Wednesdays. The topics are primarily based on sports and broadcasting but I have had a few episodes on music as well and am always willing to be flexible when it comes to topics.


Past guests have included (partial list):

- Bob Socci, radio voice of the New England Patriots

- Paul Stewart, former NHL referee and NHL player with the Quebec Nordiques

- Bernie Corbett, radio voice of Boston University men's hockey

- Rob Rudnick, radio voice of Northeastern men's hockey

- Ken Cail,  2x New Hampshire Sportscaster Of The Year, New Hampshire Radio Hall of Fame, Manchester Monarchs radio voice

- Mike Murphy, 8x award winner, New Hampshire Sportscaster Of the Year, UNH men's hockey radio voice

- Mike Machnik, radio analyst, Merrimack Men's Hockey, College Hockey News

- Mike McMahon, College Hockey News, The Mack Report

- Mike Logan, radio voice of Providence men's hockey

- Sonny Watrous, NESN TV analyst, Providence College hockey

- Natalie Noury, UNH and NESN hockey analyst

- Tim Calderwood, radio voice, Schaumburg Boomers baseball

- Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, radio voice, Lansing Lugnuts baseball, Author, The Baseball and Football Thesaurus


Here is the link to my podcast's website. Feel free to check it out and leave me a message directly within the app. I want the podcast to be interactive!