Writing / Books

I have written three books, Living A Kings Life, Calling The Shots, and Breakaway Wisdom, covering my career in sports broadcasting. These books are being prepared for republication and redistribution now. An agreement has been reached and the process is underway. Living A King’s Life is being edited by the publisher now and Breakaway Wisdom has been approved for publication and editing is also underway. They will ultimately be for sale here on the website as well as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and any place where books are sold. Please continue to check back for further updates.

Living A Kings Life

Before the 2009 baseball season started, I was committed to write a book about minor league baseball and broadcasting. It was my hope that I could shed some light on what it is like to experience life on the road with a minor league team. Living A King’s Life is my account of the 2009 Kalamazoo Kings season as seen from the broadcast booth. It is a day by day diary of my year in 2009 with the Kings.

Breakaway Wisdom

My second book, Breakaway Wisdom, is a compilation of interviews with the Coaches of Hockey East on various topics of success. Great for hockey and non-hockey fans alike.

CalLing the Shots

Here is  my third book.  It is my autobiography to this point and how I came to work in the sports broadcasting business.