Internet Radio

I am pleased to introduce my Internet radio station to the world. I proudly present the Harborlight Sessions Radio Network. This project represents a lifelong dream of mine, to be able to broadcast content on my terms. From sports play by play to musical content, the sky will truly be the limit.

How did I come up with the name of Harborlight Sessions? Well it represents my two favorite genres of music. Harborlight refers to my love for the music of Jimmy Buffett. The thought of coming into shore in a harbor, and playing music when I get to port. The tropical life. As for sessions, that refers to my love of Irish music. A session (or sei-shun) in Irish, is a musical experience whereby musicians sit around a table and play, taking turns with the songs in a darkened pub with plenty of beers. My favorites are the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. Bringing those elements together gives you Harborlight Sessions.

To access content, simply press the play button below. To view all live scheduled broadcast events, click on my calendar page here on the website.