Arlen Showstack 1

“My name is Arlen Showstack and I was a Producer and Director of Broadcast Sports for Comcast for well over a decade. During that time, I had the tremendous privilege of working with John Leahy as my play by play announcer for semi-pro Baseball, Hockey and Football. I can honestly say that in all my years covering Sports, John was the very best announcer that I’d ever had the opportunity to work with. He brought professionalism, dedication and an incredible wealth of knowledge to each production. John was always well prepared with large depth charts focused on the teams involved. He spent countless hours in the library doing research. Among his great work ethic, he possessed the epitome of a Broadcasters voice. When hearing one of John’s calls, you’d surely think you were listening to a live Red Sox or Bruins game. In addition to the above, John was extremely reliable and responsible. John’s heart was in all productions and he took great pride in his work and it showed.”

– Arlen Showstack, Owner, ASPN Video Productions